Oil Valve Thermostats

Used when optimum system performance is dependent upon controlling oil temperature within a specific range, Oil Valve thermostats are thermally actuated valves designed to control the temperature of lubricating or hydraulic oil by diverting flow through a heat exchanger. Caltherm's oil valve thermostats also include a pressure relief feature that allows an override of the thermal actuation.

Although Caltherm's solutions are designed specifically to the customer's requirements and needs, all units exhibit certain basic features, illustrated in figure 1 below. As the temperature of the fluid increases, the thermal actuator activates to close the valve and force all fluid through the heat exchanger. The cooling temperature allows the valve to open and fluid to flow directly through the application. An integral feature of the Caltherm oil valve is a pressure-relief spring which opens the valve if an overpressure occurs.

Typical applications include transmission oil coolers, hydraulic system coolers, air compressors cooling systems, and truck and military vehicle engines.

Oil Thermostat Design