Heavy Duty Thermostats

Caltherm's heavy-duty thermostats are used primarily for heavy-duty diesel engine applications but are also used in other applications where additional flow (~ 100 gpm) is required. Caltherm's design engineers develop solutions to meet specific applications on a customer-by-customer basis. The rigid adherence to the APQP design process includes the inclusion of valuable customer input; and, once developed, the solution is subject to rigorous validation tests that frequently include customer application testing to ensure reliability and longevity.

Product Features

Heavy Duty Thermostat Design
  1. Individual calibration ensures proper stroke and temperature response.
  2. Stainless steel sleeves to withstand corrosion and increase product life.
  3. Lapped sleeve edge to assure extremely low leak performance.
  4. Lapped valve surface to assure extremely low leak performance.
  5. Proprietary custom in-house wax blending to assure application specified stroke which result in flow characteristic for optimum engine performance.
  6. Unobstructed wax actuator design immersed directly in the coolant flow to provide superior cooling response time.
  7. Rugged flat diaphragm style actuator - the highest quality actuator design available for extended life and superior performance.
  8. Specially designed stainless steel valve seat.
  9. Self-cleaning design allows cooling system contaminants to flush themselves through closing surfaces.
  10. Heavy duty spring to assure low leak performance.
  11. Welded and no weld construction is used for durability and consistent calibration.